MEMENTO MORI (edited by Kim Huggens) Memento Mori is a unique feast of offerings exploring a variety of magical and mythological perspectives on death, dying, mortality and beyond. With contributions from sixteen international writers, this collection gathered together by Kim Huggens, offers a great diversity of both historical and contemporary perspectives. It includes experiential accounts and scholarly research for readers interested in magick, paganism, mysticism and mythology. The influence that the dead and ancestors have on religion,magic and everyday life is reflected and honoured in prayers, poems, songs and art and is explored in the the essays in this unique book.

NASCENTES MORIMUR: TO BE BORN IS TO DIE Memento Mori: Contents Communicating with the Blessed Dead by Tina Georgitsis Eating with the Dead: Funeral Meal Practices by Tylluan Penry Cultivating the Dead: the Path of Lilies and Water by Chad Barber Don’t Fear the Reaper: the Evolution of the Death card in Tarot by Emily Carding Behind the Glasses of Ghuedhe: Life in Death and Love in Both by Kyle Fite The Death of Baphomet by Julian Vayne Papa Gede, Petit Gede: Spirits of Death in Haitian Vodou by Sophia Fisher The Truth about Zombies, or How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by Kim Huggens Traditional Craft and the Cult of the Dead by Michael Howard The Setian Way of Death by Mogg Morgan Demeter’s Wrath: How the Eleusinian Mysteries Attempted to Cheat Death by Caroline Tully Dogs and Death – Guardians, Omens and Psychopomps by Ivy Kerrigan Tomb-Cults, Caves, Stars and Blessed Isles: Heroic Interactions with the Otherworld and Life after Death by Karen F. Pierce ‘Now I am Harvested and I Die’: the Theatre of Sacrifice in The Book of the Provider by Peg Aloi Ascending to the Imperishable: Star Lore and Death in Ancient Egypt by Dave Moore Ars Moriendi by Humberto Maggi

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